My brother called today to tell me that it was Star's time. She has been having a harder time getting around lately, and today she couldn't even stand to get herself out of her potty accident. She's been slowly declining for a few months, but she had good days and bad days, so it was HARD to make that final decision.

My parents' regular vet does not have Saturday hours, so I called my pets' vet, who agreed to euthanize her.

I bought 40 chicken nuggets at a fast food place and she went to town. We fed her half of them at home, and the other half at the vet's office. She ate 37 nuggets, and passed very peacefully in my arms.

I don't regret the decision...she was very old and had a loving, adventure-filled life with my family. I'm just...a little empty without her. We adopted her when I was eleven years old, and even after I moved out of my parents' house, I saw her often and loved her dearly.

Rest well darling, you are so loved.

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