This man is cycling through Australia with his 15-year-old dog. imgur/ellrank photo from

A man named Joseph is cycling through Australia with his 15-year-old dog, Zeus. The best friends are touring the country together as a final adventure for the elderly dog, now deaf and turning blind.

"I don't want Zeus to just die, he has cared for me more than I have cared for him," Joseph told Ellie, who posted photos of their encounter on imgur.

Zeus sits in a small blanket-filled cart attached to the back of Joseph's bike. See a video of the traveling pair here.
People "just love Zeus," Joseph said of the new friends they've met on their journey.

Imgur users were moved by Joseph and Zeus' story:

"My dog is very sick and will most likely be euthanized today. I wish I could have done something like this for her!" wrote SilentAndDeadly.

"That is quite possibly the sweetest thing I have ever seen. There is nothing like the love between a person and their dog," wrote xroxy182x.

Joseph posts photos of their trip and his abstract pen art, which he freely gives away to friendly faces along the way, on flickr.