There is all this fuss, and I have gotten petitions mailed to me about the whole Abercrombie & Fitch guy saying "no plus sizes" - and people protesting that.

Why bother protesting, instead just don't shop there! Don't wear their clothes, no matter your size, and that will do more harm than any piece of paper. If they were the only manufacturer of clothing, that would be one thing, but they are hardly that. Ignore thier elitist attitude, and don't shop there! Enough said.

I got a petition emailed to me a while ago from some who thought it was wrong that Victoria's Secret doesn't make bras for mastectomy patients. Why would I protest that, when I would never ever pay their prices for a brassiere anyway? Are they the only manufacturer of "sexy" lingerie in the market? No!

What so difficult for people to understand about your own power of choice? If you disagree with any company's policy, do not give them your dollars. Is that hard?