Hi! So I haven't been around in quite a while. (I miss this place!) I need some help. A friend has a little dachshund, she's about 7lbs. Around 3 months ago she hurt her neck. The vet put her on medication and though she seems much, much better now there is another small issue.

She hates harnesses. The vet recommends against a collar for obvious reasons but this little girl just hates the harness he bought to put on her. It's a normal harness, it's not bulky at all. He tried her old collar briefly, just to see what she would do, and sure enough she was ready to go with that but he didn't want to risk using it.

Any ideas on alternates? She used to love walks and the vet recommends more exercise but it's impossible with her. She just lays down and won't move about 80% of the time. Treats have been used to coax her out to no avail but I'm open to any ideas to suggest to my friend.

Thank you!