For some reason my sister decided she wanted a dog. My mom never stops her from getting another pet because my mom is depressed and spends lots of time looking at dogs online too. I think everybody is tired of me trying to be the voice of reason and telling her she's 18 and just graduating high school and maybe she should wait until she knows where her life is headed before another pet. So anyway, here he is, 10 weeks old and off of Craigslist. The person she got him from claimed they just got a second job and don't have time for him. I think its BS and they bred him because who doesn't know they're getting a second job in the three weeks they just get a puppy? This guy had to have been applying for jobs before they got the puppy if they only just got him 3 weeks ago. The pup is some sort of pittie or amstaff not that there is much difference especially in a byb pup.