I am devastated you guys, I had to put my best friend, my Seal Point Siamese kitty Koko down Friday night. I had him from 6 wks of age to 18 yrs, 1 month. He was my best friend, and saw me through three family deaths. So I feel like my last link to my husband and parents is gone. He had been declining for about a year, became just literally skin and bones (13 lbs in his heyday to 5 1/2 when he died). The final diagnosis was colon cancer; he couldn't even use the litter box anymore; would strain but nothing would happen. I feel so lost without him; this is the first pet I have ever had to put down. Up until last weekend he was doing as well as he always was, but they tried to put in an enema to get him cleaned out (this happened somewhat frequently lately), but couldn't even get it to go in this time. When they took an ultrasound, that's when they found out about the colon. It's been two days now, and I still have my crying jags whenever I realize that I will never see him again. How have any of you handled this situation? I am so upset and shattered to lose him. Barb