Charm City Animal Rescue needs our help and support for CH Kitty Meredith , one cat needs eye removal and other others need dentals. Can we all help out?

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Charm City Animal Rescue is a 501c3 organization in Baltimore, MD that rescues animals from shelters. We prefer to save those animals most in need - blind, injured, sick, special needs, long timers, etc.- but this always ends up being very costly to us.

We have several cats right now waiting on eye surgery to build them eyelids, one cat (in photo) with cerebellar hypoplasia that needs a scope to figure out if she's incontinent, one who needs an eye removed, three who need dentals with multiple teeth removed, and more.

We recently had a major fundraiser which did not bring in nearly what was projected we would, despite an incredible amount of work on our part. (Note: do not ever use one of those autographed memorabilia companies.) We've also had two of our CH kitties returned recently, and been asked to take in seven more from local shelters. Not to mention, kitten season is here! So we need help in a big, big way!

We're offering t-shirts and stickers if you donate at the various levels. Thank you for considering us!