I took TK in for his last round of shots today and Dr. Lee noticed that he's missing hair in spots. He has idiopathic alopecia, ie., he's tearing his hair out. I haven't noticed, quite honestly, b/c he lives in the garage b/c of his FIV. So Dr. Lee couldn't determine if it's due to allergies or the FIV b/c he's also sneezing hard and in rapid fire. So Dr. Lee gave him a Depo shot, which should help for at least 30 days, but if he starts doing it again, then I'll have to keep him on monthly Depo shots. He has skin like rhinoceros hide. Dr. Lee had difficulty inserting the needle. I sure don't relish a monthly trip to the vet, that's for sure, but I'll do it if I have to. I now need to apply his flea stuff and then he can go back outside if he wants to. I had a kitty door installed in the garage but hopefully, he'll want to stay close to home. I don't like my cats being outdoors but I have no choice.

So...has anyone else dealt w/a cat obsessively tearing out his hair?