It is a real joy for me to introduce you to my new baby girl, Nina.

She was living on the basement of the building I work on, on the parking area. The guards let her live there and fed her with leftovers, but when I met her -about a month and a half ago- I started feeding her every day with cat food and yummy tuna, so every morning she was waiting for me and before leaving we started spending time together, she was so sweet and loving!

One day she made me cry: I went to put food on her bowl and she grabbed my feet and started to purr as if she was saying “thank you” with a beautiful smile and when I tried to stand up and walk she wouldn’t let me, as if she was saying “don’t leave” and didn’t care about the food, she only wanted me to stay with her and pet her, she was so skinny and dirty but needed love more than food! I cried my heart out on the way home. I decided to rescue her and two days later I did.
I was worried thinking it would be hard to catch her, since she looked so free… but I didn’t have to do anything: she walked into the carrier by her own will! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

I took her to the v-e-t and he was amazed to see her in such good shape, he told me she’s about 2 years old. She stayed there for a week (because I had to travel and they took care of her meanwhile), and she is now clean, healthy and looking gorgeous.

Today I found out they where going to PTS her on the very next day I rescued her
Thank God she has a home now, living on the garage while Sophie gets used to her.

She is so sweet, loving and thankful. I’m crazy about her!
Here are some pictures, enjoy…

Look at that gorgeous little face
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Enjoying a welcome home meal..
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Of course she has a fabulous Uncle Gary’s Canadian Catnip Mousie that’s now her own (she loves it!)
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She's so loving..
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