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Colorado Springs! Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cat needs new home!!!!

Here is Ashley's post from owners words:

"Hi, my name is Ashley and I have a disabled cat, named Taxi. I have had her since she was rescued from drowning in Oct 2005 as a newborn. She was born with cerebellar hypoplasia and has mobility issues. She has full bladder and bowel control though. She is very happy and healthy and I love her more than most anything.
The problem is that I have a severe change in living arrangements coming in May. I will not be able to provide her with the love, attention, and stability she needs. My family has tried to help her, but they do not have the time or energy to care for her (she needs help drinking water and using the litter box). I am honestly devastated to even consider leaving my Taxi, but her life wouldn't be so good with traveling constantly.

Do you know where I can find someone to love my little girl? She is very loving but extremely sensitive to strangers and other pets (she can't really defend herself so I think it is her way of protecting her autonomy to be shy and aggressive to strangers).

Can you help me? I love her so much and my heart is breaking".