I finally have a chance to post here about my beloved Ming. On Wednesday night of last week, Ming started showing signs of having another UTI. We went and got him his antibiotics from the vet and usually that would take care of it. This time it didn't. Ming just became more ill and on Thursday night he blocked up completely and kept vomiting. I knew I had to take him to the vet on Friday morning as he could barely walk and would not eat. The vet looked at him and told me all of his past urinary blockages and UTIs had sent him into advanced CRF and that even sub-q fluids would do him no good as he would just block up more often now as he had accumulated too much scar tissue in he urethra and too much damage to his kidneys. So, I had to make the painful decision to send him to The Bridge. It was very hard, but I knew it was the right thing to do because Ming had not been completely well in some time.

Ming was the kindest, most gentle, cat I have ever known. Everyone who met him commented on how beautiful and kind he was. (he was the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, but I may be a bit prejudiced). I loved him with all my heart and I am missing him very much.

Ming, your bros told me to tell you they will meet you someday at The Bridge and they hope you will be playing your bagpipes and harp.

We all love and miss you,

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