My, Eros, you are SUCH an adorable little guy! I`ve had a mix-up at the pet store sort of like your humans did; when I went to pick out my old Guinea Pig, named Harry, once we got home we soon realized he was most definitely a girl and pregnant to boot! I`m very glad that everything worked out for the best and that Guinevere is a wonderful mom to your babies! That picture of you snuggling up with your son is totally priceless, and I like that one of you daughters was given your "girl" name! It sounds like you`re a great daddy and that you love your widdle babies too. You sound like such a fun, spunky little guy! I hope you get lots of scratches in that special spot of yours, and some parsley and bell peppers as well! Today is your special day and I wish you and your little family all the best. Congratulations on Pet of the Day!