Hi all,

Since before I came back to PT, I adopted two wonderful cats (and my family has four more, so we have more cats than people in our house now, which I`m sure many of you can relate to! ), which are pictured in my signature. On the right is Sophia Grace, who is four years old today (well, it might not be May fifth still for many of you, but her birthday is May fifth, just like me!) I watched her be born and I knew out of all the kittens in the litter that I wanted her. I got to take her home once she was old enough, and we bonded instantly. I thought that since it is her birthday, I would take the time to finally officially introduce her to all of you PTers!

Unfortunately, to make this very short because I don`t want to divert, I went through a very rough domestic violence situation and Sophia witnessed some bad things happen to me. She kept me sane during those times (and trust me, my abuser was not interested in abusing animals thank goodness, but even if he had I would have done anything to protect her), and it was because of her that I finally got the strength to leave. We`ve been through a lot, but we were able to move back home after that ordeal and she became the princess of the house. Since then, she has really let her purrsonality come out in full force. She loves visitors and will jump all over anyone that comes in the house. She loves visitors, but nothing captures her attention more than TREATS! And she got plenty of those today, let me tell you! Sophie has been there for me during the worst times and the best times. I don`t know what I would`ve done if something ever happened to her. I love her with all my heart.

Happy birthday, Sophia Grace! You know mommy loves you. <3

From when she was a baby...

To when she grew up...

Sophia has been there for me through it all. I thought it was about time for you all to meet her, especially since it`s her special day.

I`ll be introducing my other baby, Rocky, as well as updates on Malley, Oreo, Bandit and Missy, at some point. Thanks for reading my thread about my beautiful girl.

Thanks for reading,