Hello everyone!

A great goal and dream of mine is to become a Veterinary Technician and it seems that dream is going to have to wait. I was in the middle of transferring to an AVMA accredited school, but personal issues came up and I can't go through with the transferring just yet, so my plan is to study on my own!
So, community, what I'm asking is what material, books, e-books, websites, etc. would help me understand how to be a vet tech? I know I need to learn about anatomy and different medicines, but what else? And this isn't just open to people in the vet tech field either!
I want to know what people who bring in their beloved pets would like to see from the vet staff! Is there something that you wanted to know more about, that you weren't quite sure on or it wasn't explained enough? Or was there something that you really liked about an experience that you had at a clinic? I know at some clinics I will be the main person handling your pet, so any advice or comments I could get from the customers, would help me become a better vet tech!

So give me all the advice you want!