Yeah, so I haven't been on PT a lot because I've been super busy woops. But we have a 4th dog in our little zoo now!

I would like to introduce you all to Snow White Astra, aka Snow. Snow White to go with my Disney theme and Astra after a really close friend's dog who had to be PTS the same day we brought Snow home. Some of you may remember her, her username on here was dogzr#1.

Anyway, Snow is a Husky mix, and we can definitely tell LOL. Besides the fact that she looks almost all Husky, she has a major attitude and is quite vocal .

If anyone wants to throw in her other breed guess, feel free. I've had people guess Pit Bull and Lab, but we'll never know lol.

Okay, okay, enough of my rambling, here are the pictures! She was 11 weeks old this past Monday, will be 12 weeks this coming Monday. She was born February 11th.

Her first day home. She wasn't even 6 weeks old, the lady giving her away let her go a couple days shy of her 6 week mark. I was a little upset over that, but she's done fine.

A few weeks ago, playing with a stick in the yard.

My favorite picture of her so far, this one's fairly recent.

And the most recent one I've taken, riding in the car.

I apologize for the crappy quality, I'm currently camera-less and have to use my phone.

Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the super late intro! LOL