Hello, Phoenix, and what a unique little guy you are! I especially love that blue tongue in the first picture of you! I can honestly say I`ve never seen a blue tongue lizard before, so this is a first for me. And from Australia as well, WOW you`ve had quite the life already! I`m sorry to hear that you were caught by a cat, but at least you made it out okay and your new humans were there to help you get better. I like the sound of your diet, especially those grapes for dessert, yum! I can picture you now popping your head out of your little pipe to see what`s going on around you. What a smart little guy you are! I just can`t get over that blue tongue either; I seriously have never seen anything like it and I love it!

I hope you enjoy your special day today, Phenomenal Phoenix, and that you get some extra grapes! Congratulations on being today`s Pet of the Day!