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Rescue groups the King George Animal Control has a very sweet kitty, that came into the Pound with a sore/wound on one of his hind legs. He was also on antibiotics for an URI which they hoped would help the wound on his leg. It has been a month, and this sore has not gotten any better. He recently went back to the vet for further diagnosis, and the vet has made the determination that his leg should be amputated.

We are hoping to get the amputation done ASAP, but once the surgery is complete, he will not be able to return to the Pound we need a rescue to take him immediately after the surgery. If you can help this boy after his surgery, please let me know right away. PLEASE CROSS-POST!!!

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Control #4-4-13-2 DSH, black, adult male, stray. Tested N/N. He has a very good temperament, craves attention. Very sweet boy, purrs, and rolls around for petting. I may be a little older than the others, but PLEASE don't let my age or color be the reason I don't find a home, I still act like a youngster. Available now.

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