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Thread: A new kitty on the block - a Bengal

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    A new kitty on the block - a Bengal

    While I was preparing dinner last night, I heard an interesting sound below the window, and when I looked, I saw the most gorgeous Bengal kitty and I had to have a closer look. I also called my neighbor who, it turns out, lives two floors below the family with the cat. So we both went down and had a chat with the guy and say hello to this beauty. His name is Storm, he is 5 months old and have just been neutered. Storm is a sweet boy who doesnít mind strangers petting him. He was curious about everything, sniffing the grass and investigating the yard. It was his second time out only, but Iím sure weíll see more of him.

    Gosia snapped a few pics:

    Of course, I told Stormís owner about PT, so who knows, they may join.
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