Hi, I'm certain some of you remember my parents black schnauzer, Sydney. She is the same age as Nebo, 10 turning 11 in june. Up till this point she was pretty healthy, slowing down a bit and she had a lot of fatty lumps which the vet said weren't anything to worry about but otherwise in good health. A couple of months ago she started losing weight my parents thought that it was because they changed her food. So they changed her food back to what she was eating before and she kept losing weight, while still having a good appetite. Then she started acting like she couldn't bark right it sounded weird. They had just had her teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago and did bloodwork which showed nothing wrong but they decided to take her to the vet again. They did bloodwork again which showed nothing again so they did an x-ray. They found a large mass in her chest cavity. It is pushing on her lungs which is the reason for the issue barking. It must be very fast growing and aggressive because she was pretty much breathing normally when they took her, that was a week or so ago. I saw her yesterday and it's way worse. The vet told them to just let her stay as long as she's acting happy, eating, etc. if she stops eating it will be really bad because she's skin and bones as it is. It didn't sound like removing it was an option. They didn't do any testing but I believe the assumption is that it is cancer. When I saw her yesterday she seemed in good spirits she wagged her tail and was walking around fine, eating and drinking. But it's so hard to watch her breathe. :/ It's short, fast breaths, I guess she is only at 30% lung function. She doesn't make any noise breathing, her mouth is closed, she's not gasping or anything, you can just watch her chest go in and out constantly. It probably looks even worse because of how skinny she is. My parents are wondering what they should do, if it's time or not. I don't know, she still seems happy and they said she gets all excited to go for car rides still. She is eating and drinking well. But it can't be comfortable to have to breathe like that. They have her on medication to help if she has any fluid in her lungs and it doesn't seem to be making a difference. So keep poor Sydney in your thoughts I wasn't expecting this so soon, 10 is not very old especially for a dog her size.