I am sharing this in part because I remember Donna / Moosmom asking about henna and hair coloring, in the past. And lots of PT members piped in with pros and cons of various items.

Our daily newspaper carries a syndicated column by Dr. Keith Roach on health issues. This column has been around for years, Dr. Donohue used to be the author. He recently (in the past year) retired, but he took his time finding his replacement author, and introducing Dr. Roach to his reading public.

Today's column responds to a reader query on picking safe products for skin, hair, makeup and so forth. You can read the column here:

Here is the link to the website mentioned in the article. Products are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the 'safest,' and 5 being the most problematic.

It takes a few minutes to learn how to navigate through the site, but I found it very interesting reading. Just as we have to read labels on our pet foods, we should learn to read labels on our home hygiene things as well.

The site researches and reviews a product ingredients for:
- overall hazard
- cancer
- development and reproductive toxicity
- allergies and immunotoxicity
- use restrictions

It makes for interesting reading.