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URGENT! One of our volunteers while out trapping kitties for TNR, discovered 4 newborn kittens that had been abandoned by mom (see message from Volunteer below). We need someone immediately to be able to foster these babies. Please respond to me and Brandi (ccd here) if you can help.

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To: Brandi Janezeck (Pound Updates) <[email protected]>
Sent: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 12:27 pm
Subject: URGENT - need foster mama for 4 abandoned newborn kittens


Can you send out an appeal for any rescue to take on four abandoned kittens, probably born just after midnight this morning (4/27)? There are three brown tabbies and an orange tabby.

Trapping at the Rowe site yesterday evening didn't yield enough cats for today's appointments. So I went over to Stones. We had just arrived for trapping and heard kittens crying constantly. Upon searching, we found the newborns. The mama hadn't done anything for them. (Did not bite off cord or placenta, would not clean or nurse them, etc.) The property owner advised that the mama was young and this was her first litter. We backed off and raced home to get milk and a syringe in case. Upon return, the mama was with them but still hadn't done anything for them and they were very cold. So we took the kittens, warmed them up and they seem ok. Dana can only foster short term. .

I will try tonight to trap the mama using the kittens, but I don't think it likely that she will accept them. Any help in finding a rescue to take them would be much appreciated.