Contact Cindy and Janice at : (Please email them both in same email, please) [email protected]; [email protected]

Denver, Colorado! Special Dog needs a home please! Much like Cerebellar Hypoplasia

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This precious girl's name is Porsche, and she needs a home please! She has a medical sponsor who will be taking care of her current diagnosis and vetting. Porshe's condition as it appears is much like Cerebellar Hypoplasia with her clumsy and wobbly walk. We see a lot of this in Chihuahuas, Cockers and Pitties, and then a lot of overbred dogs from breeders.

Porsche needs a home where someone does not mind she is different. Porsche does not know she is disabled of course, she does not know anything else different and she can live a wonderful life and offer you so much love and devotion. But we need to find her a home or foster please.

If you think you would be interested in offering sweet Porsche a chance, please contact Jan and Cindy, please!
Contact Cindy and Janice at : (Please email them both in same email, please) [email protected]; [email protected]

You can contact me too ([email protected]), especially if you know who I am and I know you! I have agreed to help and try to find a place for sweet Porsche.

Are their any dream makers out there?

Breed: Golden Retriever mix
Weight: 20lbs
Age: unknown as she was a stray, but estimated 2 years or younger
Sex: Spayed female

Up to date on vaccines.

Loves people and other dogs. Has lived with cats. Very trusting, smart, and observant.

Full medical sponsorship from a Denver-based foundation.

Has seen Dr. Lane at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology (4/12/13) at VRCC in Denver. Needs appointment with him for MRI and/or cerebrospinal fluid centesis as soon as possible, and has a follow up appointment with Dr. Lane for reassessment currently scheduled for 7/1/13. (This will all be paid for by the medical sponsor.) Current diagnosis is diffuse cerebellar dysfunction.

We need a foster or adopter who lives in the greater Denver area, is experienced with special needs and preferably neuro dogs so they know the type of commitment needed, and can provide a safe and loving environment. Need to be able to lift and carry her as needed (up and down stairs, into the car, etc.) Needs to be someone who is home the majority of the day and can provide a safe environment when Porsche must be left alone (no open/unblocked stairs for example). She plays well with other dogs, but should not engage in rough play with larger dogs who could hurt her. Needs someone committed spending time to work with her daily to help her develop adaptive skills. Right now that consists of walking her supported in a harness, which she loves and needs little encouragement. She can eat and drink on her own, but does better with a little assistance. Same with potty breaks. She is housetrained as long as she is taken out regularly and will let you know when she needs to go out.


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