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Thread: Oh Lordy.....

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    Mac is about 15 and is on meds for his thyroid condition, so I know my time with will not be the longest (if I have another 2 years with him I will consider myself blessed). Stil, l when he passes I will have this great big ol' hole in my heart. I can't say for sure what I will do when that time comes, but I do know that Mac would want me to give a good home to another needy kitty, just like I did with him. I see it as making good use of the love still left in my heart. I can irefuse to open my heart or I can help another little fur soul find a loving home. Only time will tell what I will do, but I hope it's the latter.
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    Now that I'm on the verge of tears....

    You will know; absolutely. We waited 6 years after we lost our beloved 18 year old Jamara. It just wasn't right until we found a sick little kitty that needed us. We knew but it did take a while.

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    OK, I've just spent the last few minutes reading all of your stories and right now I have major LES.
    I was very blessed to witness the bond between Tonya and K'Cee and I'm sending her big hugs right now. I, too, feel this sense of guilt every time I'm on petfinder (which is daily now) or other websites belonging to local shelters.

    Max was really my heart kitty and after he passed in 2010 I waited 5 months before bringing Merlin home and even then I was crying and missing my Max, but that didn't make me love Merlin any less. He came, he purred and he walked away with a piece of my heart just as Speckles and Max had done before him.

    There is one remarkable thing I have learned over my MANY years. The heart has an amazing ability to expand and make room for more love without taking away any love that is already there.
    MOFF; This touched me greatly because I believe that God has helped each and every one of us to openly accept a new fur baby into our lives.

    Because the only thing worse than losing a baby, is never loving another one.
    You are so right. I could not have said it better.

    Heart speaking: At the moment, all I want to do is adopt a senior. I keep thinking about that grey girl I saw in the cage. She was not pawing at me, nor was she meowing to get my attention. She just sat there in all of her glory and stared at me; her eyes piercing my soul as if to plead for a loving home somewhere.

    Head speaking: Not now, not yet. **sigh**

    The trouble is that our shelters are overrun with beautiful, loving seniors who want nothing more than a full belly and a warm place to sleep. How does one choose? Oh yes, the pet chooses the human, I forgot that. I know that when the time is right the oppurrtunaty will be right in front of my eyes. I just don't know if I can wait that long.

    For now, I thank all of you for sharing and for making me feel a little less lonely tonight.
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