Today my beautiful Shih Tzu Oberon of Midsummer's Night is eighteen years old. I honestly never thought he'd make it. On both his sixteenth and seventeenth birthdays I was sure we were celebrating for the final time, but today he proved me wrong!

Although he's very frail, you'd never know it from the sound of his bark when he's demanding something from me! He's still mentally with it, and also (thankfully) accident free.

This morning, he woke me up at 5:30 to tell me it was time to go out. We took our walk, I brushed him and took his birthday pictures, then he had his breakfast and went back to bed. (I think he's still mad at me for giving him a bath last night so he'd be fresh for his big day.)

I'll upload some pictures if I can figure out how to put them into a thread. Now to go bake his cake!