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Thread: Ice Cream Sundae Thursday. #530

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    Ice Cream Sundae Thursday. #530

    I am late this week, so to make it up to everyone?

    Let's do an Ice cream Sundae Thursday.


    Growing up my Dad used to take us to a Savon and buy us an ice cream cone for a nickel (Show's you how long ago THAT was......)

    I loved the black walnut ice cream. The best part was trying to find the huge chunks of walnuts hidden inside.....


    I'll have the Orc scooping out the ice cream and have Angel help me set up the fixin's table....

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    Oh - ice cream sounds good! Richard's story of the ice cream cone brings back a fond memory for me. Every Sunday afternoon it was the obligatory car ride - back in the late 40's and early 50's when I was a little one. In the nice weather Dad always stopped at a favorite ice cream shop and we would all get ice cream cones. My favorite was nutty too, but not wlanut - PISTACHIO - with real pistachios - not whatever it is they put in it now. That's when I also got hooked on sugar/waffle cones too! YUM! Now I'm gonna have to stop at the grocery store when I go out, and get some faux-pistachio ice cream. Blue Bunny brand of it is pretty good tho...

    Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all have a nice weekend.
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    I'd love a huge rootbeer float please!!! Been a depressing week so make it a double!!! The window people can't even come and give me an estimate on the windows that were broken by hail, for several weeks. There are at least 50 homes ahead of me. Same song with the roofers.

    At least I still have a house standing that can be repaired so it's not all bad. Just depressing!!!

    Could you toss in a cherry or two too?
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    It is a good week for Ice Cream Sundaes - but then again, isn't it always? Yes, I am a good New Englander - I have heard we top the country in year-round ice cream consumption!

    Mmmm, Richard - ice cream sprinkled with black walnuts (which are extremely labor-intensive to extract from the shells) and then drizzled with slightly warm maple syrup ... yum!!! And just a dollop of whipped cream ....

    (I am now allergic to all tree nuts, so will have to enjoy that here at Thursdays! )
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    I've just spent the last 3 hours in a meeting. Yuck!! Could I please have an orange float and a spoon and I'll share some of the ice cream with Angel, if she can sit still for a few moments!
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    You ate ice cream when it was 50?

    It's better in hot weather! A giant scoop or REAL pistachio. DONE!


    Here's an RBF with a handful of cherries......There is an area on the roof of our house where the tiles pulled up and flipped over. It was fixed once and I pulled out the HEAVY ladder to climb up and look at them myself.
    On Sunday I saw a couple of guys from a roofing company stop in front of the house.

    We talked, I took the card and gave them a call to see if they would come out and fix the problem. He wanted to take photos and go up on the roof and look at it. After the car came into the house, the company who did that work also looked at the roof and pronounced it fit for a few more years so we didn't need a whole new roof. The guy was angling to do the whole roof and charge it to the insurance company.

    The person I talked to called to say that the job had a minimum charge of 250 - they charge by the 'square' (bundle of tiles) and the job was so small they would have to send out a lone person.

    These days people are dying to work and this company hesitates to make a little money on a small job.......


    I have been lately thinking about all the old foods that we don't have anymore. I would gladly crack a crate of walnuts for a bowl of real ice cream!!


    How's about a scoop of orange sherbert with a 7-up.....I love sherbert and sorbet too....



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