Hello I own 4 cats and 4 hamsters, so the odds are even. The cats don't bother the hamsters, in fact they're fascinated by them and even lay on our bed to watch them. Almost as if they were babysitting them. All the cats are girls and their names are Mary (17), Midnight & Wicca (15) and Izzybelle (4).

The hamsters are all in separate habitats due to being from different litters; 2 of them are dwarf and the others are regular size. The gender ratio of the hamsters are 3 females to 1 male. The male has a small issue; he likes to scratch and chew on the disc part of his habitat (OVO Loft). Two things I'm thinking why he's doing this; 1 he's bored but I have a lot of toys & treats for him inside his habitat. 2nd, he's "very interested" in getting to the girl hamsters. I won't spell it out but I'm sure the adult humans here can figure it out. If you can help me out in this matter, I'd be grateful.

The hamsters names are Isis (I think she's 1.5 years old), Venus (about a year), Luna (6-9 months?) and Zeus (maybe 6 months). Luna and Zeus were adopted while Isis and Venus were purchased at a pet store.