Michelle - I think the fail rate is high with the lap band, because people think that the procedure is some kind of magic bullet, and they can just continue to eat as they always did. As I said, my son had it done over 18 months ago and lost 100 pounds and has kept it off. He isn't restricted to any particular diet - he can eat what he wants and what he can tolerate - and his body will tell him real quick if it can't tolerate it, or if he eats just one bite too much. Some other people that he knows that have had the procedure just continue to stuff in as much as they can, and then wonder why they aren't getting the results they expected. Of course you can overeat and stretch the stomach back out! - and that's what these people are doing and also not having the band tightened as needed. Half the battle is psychological - you have to wrap your brain around the idea that there is some work involved, and if you aren't going to work at it, you might just as well not go thru the procedure in the first place.

I have NO stomach since I had what was left of it removed back in 2000 because of medical issues, so I know what it's like for anyone who goes thru any of these weight loss procedures. I wish I could gain some weight!!! - if I can keep at 100 pounds, I consider that good. I have the same issues - I eat what I can tolerate and pay for it if I eat one bite too much. It takes some getting used to - either my way or by choice - but you can live a very normal life even tho your insides might be somewhat abnormal!

Keep up the good work - and happy eating!.