Hey guys just wanted to pop on and post a little update and post a couple of photos. I didn't want to post my before photo on FB because I don't want everyone seeing it but I will post it here for you guys.

So things are going good. I have lost 62 lbs in total. Still have more to go and was feeling a bit discouraged as the weight loss has slowed down. My surgeon said it was normal as I am nearly where I should be. The surgery would bring me down to 70 kg and I am now at 78 kg. The surgeon said I need to be patient as the last 10, 15 and sometimes for some people even 20 kgs are slow going but they do go. Patience is not one of my virtues. Anyway, had blood work done 3 weeks ago and all is basically perfect. The only levels that are slightly high or slightly low are those directly connected to the malabsoption but even those are barely over/under the line. The surgeon is very happy with the values. So, overall everything is moving along and things are good. I'll shut up now and post the pictures. The one in front of the cat tree is from today (april 22, 2013) and the other one which is outside was taken around the middle of October 2012. Thanks for looking and listening as always.

<3 Michelle

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