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Thread: Luna's legs are getting weaker (x-ray shot of her spine; #77)

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    Luna's legs are getting weaker (x-ray shot of her spine; #77)

    It's her 13th birthday tomorrow, but my poor Luna is in severe trouble.

    It began two and a half weeks ago when she was in the window sill and tried passing a flower pot. She slipped and fell down, right onto her kitty bed below the window. When she landed, her hind legs were giving in, it's been a scary sight. I brought her to the vet the same morning who examined her and couldn't find any palpable injuries. Luna got a pain med injected, and I was told to give her some pain meds for the next days. I did, and she started doing better. A few days ago, I started - in accordance with my vet - reducing the meds.

    This morning, she jumped from the same window sill, onto her bed again, and after that, she could barely walk! Her entire backside was down, she literally crawled towards me; all wobbly and buckling; it's been scaring the hell out of me. She climbed into my bed, sat beside me, her tail twitching in pain and discomfort, but she allowed me comforting her and started purring. When she jumped down about 10 minutes later, her legs were back to normal, even though I could tell she was walking carefully and a little stiff. I put her on pain meds again, which was, according to my former vet whom I've called later today, the right thing to do as they do not only take the pain away but also prevent further inflammation from the trauma.

    Both her and my new vet (to whom my former vet gave her office two years ago when she retired) agree that it's going to be hard to find out what's actually wrong with Luna. We know that nothing's broken, and anything else wouldn't be shown in an x-ray shot which is why we haven't done this so far. Most likely, Luna is dealing with arthritis (I can hear her joints making cracking sounds for years, and she's always a little stiff when she's getting up. Over the last years, I have also noticed that one of her hind legs is giving in when she's turning around on a small spot, like the space between my keyboard and my monitor where she loves to walk). She always had weak musles in her hind legs, even as a kitten, she's never been an athletic cat. And now she has gained so much weight from her struvite crystal diet, which makes things worse.

    I'm really worried about her, and at the top of it, Lily started attacking her today, taking advantage of Luna's weakness. And I cannot keep Luna from jumping! She's still jumping onto that window sill, and even from her scratching post onto the top of the cabinet! She's a brave little girl. But I fear the day I find she can no longer walk at all!
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