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    You're a beauty Zee!!! What a sad start you had in life. I'm so glad you ended up in a good home.
    Congrats on being POTD! I hope you are doing well and you and your human have more time together.
    Forever in my heart...

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    Brave, beautiful Zee!

    Greetings Zee! A very happy Sunday Pet of the Day to you!

    First of all, I hope and pray this finds you well, sweetheart. I'm so sorry to hear of your dire diagnosis, but I know under the loving care of your human, whatever time you have left (hopefully lots more), will be filled with love, peace and comfort.

    Having been a life long animal lover and piggie mom, it sickens and angers me beyond words to think of your horrific start at life, the unspeakable existence you and your fellow piggies were forced to endure (or not), at the hand of your former "human." Miraculously, you somehow managed to summon the courage and strength to survive such abuse until your forever human could find her/his way to you, and since that day, every minute of your amazingly long life has been rich with the unconditional love and devotion of a truly caring human!

    Great thanks to your person for sharing your very touching, very special story with us, giving us the honor of paying tribute to the brave and beautiful girl that you are and all that you mean to your person! How blessed she/he has been, knowing your love these many years, and hopefully many more peaceful days of shared love and companionship are still to be had.

    Lots of love, cuddles and kises to you beautiful Zee, our VERY special and MOST deserving Pet of a Lifetime!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Zee what an adorable girl you are!!!

    I am so glad you were rescued from that awful place. I can tell you are loved to the moon and back by your human!!!! Please thank her/him for sharing you with us. I hope you do well and have lots more time together.

    Congratulations, sweet Zee, on being our very special and deserving Pet of the Day!!!
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    Zee, you're so cute and I love your name. I'm so glad that you were rescued and now live in a loving and caring forever home. I'm so sorry to hear that you have a terminal illness. I hope that you and your owner will a lot more time together. Congrats on being POTD!!!
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