The media coverage of the incident in Boston has been not-so-informative, scary and I am sorry for saying this....funny.

In their haste to put out an 'informational newscast', they are stepping on their own tails and stumbling about the 'dial'.

I was watching the news last night (0200 EST) and was laughing at inability of one channel to get a cohesive story out. I was flipping between two stations/broadcasts and of the two, only one was waiting to report facts.

The other? Mindless babbling without any fact checking.


The other thing that entertained me was the wordage used.

One female reporter reported that the suspects in the police shootout had detonated IUDs. Another reported said that they might be using a 'cooker pressure' bomb.

I know that it's a serious situation, but I cannot handle the stupidity behind the idea of getting a scoop, at the expense of the getting the truth out to the public.