Right now Clover is eating Blue Buffalo fish formula. She's doing well on it, and I'd prefer to keep her on it. However I'm working at a pet store and I'd like to give my business to them, as well as get a discount. The problem is that we don't sell a lot of Blue food right now and we need a minimum of $500-600 to make an order. So it's very hard to get my food in. I'm thinking of changing to a food that we can get more easily. I want it to be at least as good quality as Blue. I'm not sure if she has a chicken allergy or not but I sorta just wanted to stay away from it.

Anyway some of my choices I've been thinking about is Merrick. (problem with that is their buffalo formula has chicken and the duck has turkey.) I'm also curious about Taste of the Wild and Go!

Does anyone have experience feeding any of these foods? Which do you prefer? What do you think would be best? (I have looked at the food adviser page. I don't find it too helpful)