Hi Mandarin! Happy Pet of the Day!
Aww, what a darling, handsome Gecko boy you are!!! I just love those orange flame "racing stripes" running down your back (), and oh, those big, beautiful eyes of yours, those darling little "hands," are heart melters! How special is the bond of love and trust you share with your rightfully proud person, a bond forged since birth! How lucky she/he is to have a best friend as unique; as sweet and cuddly and loving as you, and I hope for you and your person many, many more wonderful years together! You two make quite the team!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, cutie! Enjoy your well earned day in the spotlight, and in just two days...a very happy 4th birthday bash!
Lots and lots of love and gentle "pets" to you, adorable Mandarin!