As I was sitting at my computer this evening, I kept hearing grating/crunching noises from upstairs. A head count revealed all kitties and the dog to be downstairs, so I was baffled. A quick peek upstairs didn't reveal any secrets, and I started to wonder if I was hearing things.

No, hubby heard them too. We went upstairs again and discovered the source of the noise....Kostya, my lovely boy corn snake, is er...well, it's breeding season for him, and he's shut in a room with two females. He is LITERALLY climbing the walls and ceiling of his tank trying to get to them.

Poor fellow, I'm giving his wife a year off since she laid a TON of eggs last year and he's just going to have to deal with it.

I DO need to come up with something to keep him from injuring his nose smashing it against the lid of his tank (Yes, he's scraping that hard against it!). I'll be asking my much more knowledgeable sister in law for advice in the morning.