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Thread: Driving lessons-photos

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    Driving lessons-photos

    Here's Sissy learning to drive LOL. I know I'm being silly but it really looked as if she was driving. Check the spedometer LOL. In the last one, look at LilGirl's tongue. Looks as if she's been on an exciting ride and Sissy looks proud of her driving skills LOL. I took Sissy yesterday to vet for annual checkup (took LilGirl last week). Both are fine; Sissy weighs a tiny bit less than 5 lbs and Lil Girl weighs 4.2 lbs. I love my babies
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    Fun photos, thanks for sharing!
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    I am sure your driving is great! Glad you are both well.
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    More pics....
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    That's too funny and Sissy and LilGirl are too cute!
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    Great pictures. It looks like both girls are now becoming great friends.
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    I hope they get along now? I am AWWWing so much! Beautiful girls.

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    Kay, the driving pics are a hoot! Lil Girl enjoying the scenery and letting Sissy do the driving, smart chick!

    And the next group of pics, I love seeing them touching noses, I know there was a time you thought that would NEVER happen.

    Is that your back yard? With the windmill (?) and a gorgeous tree in full pink blooms?

    Annie really needs to get in some shots, shame Mom!

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    Here's a video of my THREE girls--Annie, LilGirl, Sissy.

    Sissy with new haircut + LilGirl and Annie 4.12.13

    Sandie, You said I should include Annie. She's in the video. She is not one to ride in the car and take driving lessons. She only is in car to go to the vet and she doesnt jump in car. My fiance has to pick Annie up and he and Annie sit in the backseat and I chauffer to the vet LOL.

    That's my front yard with flowering crabapple tree, dogwoods, and windmill. The pond is in the distance where we spend many hours sitting in swing and feeding the fish while all three dogs relax.

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    It's always a treat to see pics of your little ones. Looks like LilGirl is finally accepting Sissy. Hooray!! Please deliver smooches to all 3 of your girls, from me please.
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    Your girls are downright adorable!
    Your yard is gorgeous, too. It looks so peaceful.

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    Great pictures & video. Sissy's cut is great. She looks like she is ready for her walk in a dog fashion show.
    I love her lovely "fan tail". Now that Sissy is growing up maybe she and LilGirl will be better friends. Annie is as
    beautiful as always. I love her pretty coloring.

    I always get funny comments when I take my Smokey & Maggie on shopping trips. Smokey always takes my place
    in the drivers seat & Maggie always sits in the passenger seat waiting till I come back to the car.
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    Kay these are the most adorable pictures. I love the first and the last one of Sissy and Lil Girl both at the steering wheel. They are just so cute together.

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    Awww--- the pictures and video are just so sweet. Such cuties, and driving a car, what a bonus, smart little pooches.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

    I've been Boo'd----

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    Thanks everyone for your kind comments re the dogs and the yard. It makes us feel good . Yes, I do live in a peaceful area in the country... have always lived here.


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