I moved in with my girlfriend about a year ago with my 3-1/2 year old pitbull. She already had 2 cats(brother and sister) that are also about 3-1/2. Our living space is loft style, obviously not big enough for 3 animals. The dog is crated for most of the day while we are at work and on a leash when we are home. The male cat started spraying on our bed a few months into me moving in. We tried feliway plug-ins in every outlet and calming sprays and none worked.We also had the vet check for bladder infections and other physical problems, nothing. Finally we added a second litter box in our bedroom area and that worked like a miracle for about 4 months. Just the other day he started spraying on the bed again! Now we are at the point where we dont know what to do or what any other options are and we dont want to give away our pets! please if anyone has any suggestions, we are open!