Just a little tired of rude people I guess. I was walking Clover today after work, it's pretty nice for the first time pretty much.

Anyway I'm walking past a house, (on the opposite side of the road) there is a man, his kids and a dog. The kids are throwing a ball for the dog. Clover is interested and wants to play, so I figured I'd use this as a small training session for her. So I stop and ask for her attention, which after a second I get. I'm asking her to "swing" into her heel position while trying to get her to keep focused on me and not the dog. At this point I'm not really paying attention to the man or the dog.

The dog ran up to the road 2 times (I guess to see Clover), and the man yelled at it to stay. The dog listened. Again, not really paying attention. I was probably only there for a minute or so. The guy then yells at me "My dog will run across the road if you're just going to stand there" But he said it in a very mean/rude way. I mean he could have said hey if you don't mind my dog might cross the road. I honestly figured they wouldn't have their dog off leash on a some what busy road if he didn't have control over it...he made it out to be MY fault for standing there. I sorta just said "...ok..." and started to leave but yelled back "You could have your dog on a leash you know" but I'm very quiet I don't think he heard me.

I'm just a little annoyed I never really got to stand up for myself. I tend to get upset when people are mean or rude and don't think of anything to say right away. I just don't think it's fair that I can stand on the other side of the road with my dog for one minute while I get her focus...it's not like he owns the road.

I actually had something similar happen in the winter. I was trying Clover's new back pack out, which she didn't like lol. So I stopped to take it off. I had my mits on the ground, I was trying to get off all the straps so it took a little bit. A man was standing on the other side of the road with an aggressive dog staring at me. (waiting for ME to move when he could go around) Eventually he says "well are you just gonna sit there?" urg. I had to grab up everything into my arms in a rush and carry it down the road till I could re adjust everything.