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    I am new here and need some advice - my German Shepherd Princessa was bit by something (i think fire ants?) on her face i noticed on friday her muzzle had a few bumps on it and her face looked swollen. i called the vet and was told to give her benadryl . I did that all weekend which really took away the swelling and cut down on the itching but she is acting weird even after not having the benadryl for at least one day. she wants to stay in her crate (she usually sleeps on HER couch) ,she doesn't want to interact at all even though she is usually a cuddler . yesterday in the morning she actually went into my shower and would not come out which is weird for 2 reasons 1. I don't bath her in there and 2. she HATES getting a bath . so i took her outside and gave her a bath which she seemed to enjoy and was acting like herself for a few hours only to revert back to weird behavior after awhile. She woke us up at 3am. this morning just staring at us. so i took her outside -i have to take her for a walk down the street now just to get her to pee because she now refuses to go anywhere near our front yard. Normally in the morning she will stand at the door with me and say bye to "daddy" when my husband goes to work -this morning? she wouldn't even get out of crate. she is drinking and eating but she is acting so weird . my husband thinks her weird behavior is because the bites are still hurting but i just have a feeling that something else is going on. does anyone have any advice ? i want to take her to the vet but there are cost considerations and also she does NOT like other dogs so i normally muzzle her when we go there but I do NOT feel comfortable doing that because i feel it will rub the bites that she got on her snout. thanks so much for any help ! I'm not sure if you can see the bump on her nose in this pic but i hope so................

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    Okay, try to see this from her point of view - she went out there in the front yard and it attacked her, and it hurt!!! You and I know it was the ants, but she just knows that that is where pain happened! She is going to have to rebuild her confidence with the world out there. Had you ever given her Bendaryl before? It sound like the other symptoms may be a bad reaction to the drug - these things happen ... how long has it been since you gave that to her?
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