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Thread: Bath Time!

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    Bath Time!

    Abby got her bath today. She usually HATES baths, but today she actually jumped into the bath tub!!! My dog has gone nuts!!! She especially hates water, but she jumped right in. Anyone's dog scared of water like my scaredy-dog?


    now she's slowly opening
    new eyes.

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    Hi Ilovemyabbygirl!

    Well my two lil' terriers, Murph and Maddie, love moving water
    from streams or creeks or the water hose. Maddie even loves
    getting a bath. She'll sit under the faucet and let the water
    cascade over her back. Murph doesn't like it as well, but he'll
    sit quietly, tolerating it. Probably hoping he'll get done quicker.

    Oz, my collie, however hates getting a bath. He was really scared
    the first time I put him in the tub. Just acting like a crazed dog
    trying to get out. So to get him more use to it, I first put down
    a bath towel in the tub, because not being able to get his footing
    was one of the things that was making him panicky, I think. And
    second I've been getting in the tub with him, in my bathing suit,
    so that he's sitting in my lap, when I pour water over him. Then
    lastly I've been trying to make a game out of the water hose
    with him outside, so he'll start thinking of water as a fun thing,
    like my terriers. He seems to be getting better about it, so I
    think these things are helping.


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