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**Current Status: Still at shelter**

Animal ID: 19625760
... Breed: DSH
Sex: Male
Reason for URGENT: Neurological problem
Personality: He is a very sweet boy with a neurological disease that acts similar to Parkinson's. He is litter box trained and can eat and drink on his own. He can't stand up fully but he can walk in a squatting manner. He was left in a box outside of the shelter overnight on the night when it dropped in the low 40s. He couldn't get up and move to somewhere warm! He was so cold when he was discovered in the morning. - Molly

TAGGING INSTRUCTIONS: The following animal has been identified as URGENT. He/she must be tagged by 7am on the designated day (if one is listed) and picked up by close of business that same day. If you do not, your tag may become invalid. If you are willing to rescue OR adopt, you need to tag the animal by sending an email to [email protected] before 7am. Rescues must have 501c3 status and proof must be emailed to the above address if not already on file with FWACC. If you are willing to foster, please contact rescues to foster through since the shelter DOES NOT currently have a foster program. Please have the rescue you will be fostering through email [email protected] Before 7am.

Messages posted on an animals' thread may be overlooked and do not constitute a valid tag. Requests for additional time to save an animal should also be made to [email protected], but a rescue tag or adoption tag must be in place for the reprieve to be granted.

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