"Seriously, mum?"
I wanted to --again-- thank those who kept my boy in their prayers this past week. For those who didn't catch the thread, here it is. With further consultation with our vet he is pretty sure Ethan had a bad case of distemper (despite being vaccinated for it). He said that the day Ethan had the bloodwork and xrays done that he was very close to the point where he would have started to have seizures. Scary stuff. He is doing so much better, but not at 100% yet. He still has to eat a lot of meat and eggs to gain weight, but the swelling is almost gone in his legs and he has so much more strength.

"Let me in!"
Towser has finally caught up to Ethan in size. He is just over 5 months old, so soon he will soon be the "big little bro". He obviously out-weighs my poor Ethan right now. You can tell how skinny Ethan still is.

I have no clue where my puppy went to! He recently got neutered and he is final on all his shots... so hopefully he won't need any more vet visits for a while 'cause my tax return literally went to the dogs. I wouldn't trade him for the world, though. He has been one of the few things that kept me sane these past few months.

Poor Sala needs a spa day! Pretty soon I'm going to have a "girls only" party. Just her and I... no boys allowed!
She is actually doing well with losing the weight that she put on when I left her with my mom. She still has a few pounds to shed, but she is already looking sooo much better ... even with her wild hair at the moment!

Towser ready for me to kick his soccer ball. It is so much fun having a dog that actually wants to do things other than just sleep! I can't wait until he gets old enough to start camping and hiking with me. I know he'll love it.

And the last one! Towser on one of our (almost) daily walks to the lake. I've been promising Ethan that as soon as he gets well enough he will join us on our walks, too.

Thanks for looking.