Dearest little Gatilla, what an utterly beautiful Himalayan girl you are! You are so pretty with your soft fluffy Himmy fur with the grey points, your cute little grey paw pads, and your lovely blue eyes looking out at the world showing that you know just how adorable you are. I wish I could reach right through the screen and pet you! You and your Purrrson Pamela love each other very much, don't you! You enjoy getting into boxes and getting some fresh air in the courtyard, and even better, eating and sleeping and having Pamela pet you. What a wonderful home full of love you both share!

Congratulations, darling Gatilla, on being selected today's Cat of the Day! We hope that you and Pamela are enjoying a delightful day of celebration, full of fun and lovies and your favorite treats and maybe even some new boxes to get into.