This is Osiris (or Iris when she's being naughty)! She is part Maine Coon, part Domestic Short Hair and all kitten!

Osiris has been adorable from the very first moment we got her. Unlike other cats, she can be trained to stand or sit on command, and she growls in a hybrid dog/cat noise when she's having her mad half hour (which can last for hours if she feels energetic enough)!

She's very affectionate and loves the camera ... almost as much as she adores bubbles! When it comes out to play, she can't help but try and paw at it. She's been the loveliest angel we've ever had, and she's made us happier than we've been for ages.
Osiris, the first picture of you is so amazingly cute! What a darling girl you are! The camera sure likes you! I think you are beautiful with your brown eyes and golden brown fur - and your wonderful whiskers! Such a cutie kitten girl! You are very smart too - learning to sit and stand, making your hybrid noise when something isn't right, and having fun with bubbles! How wonderful that you are bringing happiness and smiles to your caring family Happy Cat of the Day, Osiris!