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Thread: Ringworm? update with pictures

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    Ringworm? update with pictures

    So if someone in my house has ringworm, should I be treating the dogs? Also I work in a pet store with small animals (ferrets, rabbits, rodents, etc) if it came from there will my house keep getting it? As far as I know I don't have any rings/spots on me. Clover has a small indent in her's not bald but you can see the fur is thinner in one spot. Could that be it? Is it a pill treatment I can just treat everyone with to be safe or?

    I duno if this helps but I tried taking some pictures. I THINK it's a similar issue she had before on her tail a while ago. She had thinning fur in one spot and her skin looked dry. The fur on the spot was brittle too. I did have the vet look at that one and they took a sample to test and nothing came back on it. This seems to be the same thing. Which is why I haven't taken her in. (her fur is still a little thin on that spot on her tail) I just had her and Zeke to the vet and spend a couple hundred dollars so I don't need another $60-100 vet bill just to find out it's nothing But I will if it's possibly ringworm or something else? What do you all think?

    I'm sure it's hard to tell but it's hard to get a good picture of it. Basically the fur is thinning in one spot on her side. Under the fur her skin seems dry.

    Annd one more of my girl <3
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