Hello to everyone out there! I just found out today that pet talk even existed. Our family happens to be the proud owners of multiple pets the three largest being mixed breed dogs. The oldest is Bogie who is 11 and a Great Dane/German Shepherd mix. Ollie is 3 and a Husky/St. Bernard mix. Then we have Harris who is a Malinois/Black Shepherd mix he is also 3. They keep us on our toes as they live in our house with two cats and four children. I have been reading about the negatives of mixed breeds and the positives as well. I also feel that we have been very lucky with our babies. They all have great personalities and love our kids and their friends (busy house). We have not had any major health issues so far and are just now becoming concerned about Bogie. He started limping yesterday on the front right side. He cannot go to the vet as he has anxiety about this. I do not know why but we did get him from a shelter when he was 2 and this is the only behavior we could not change. His nails are good, paws fine and it seems to be coming from the shoulder. Does anyone have any information about this? All of our pets are altered ASAP so breeding is not something we agree with yet I do not want to discourage anyone from picking up a mixed breed. We feel that all of our dogs chose us and so far it has been great. They are wonderful, friendly family members and we do not know what we would do without them.