Congratulations Pom-- and I had no idea you smoked... For your sake I'm real happy you kicked the habit, I know it will help some of those health problems. I'd never heard of the e-cigs so I looked them up...intereting. I don't know if we have them here but I found a place where we can order on line-----not that I need them, I was just curious. I never smoked because I was so allergic to cigarette smoke and the smell that I had to avoid it completely or get sick to my stomach and live in the bathroom if I got a whiff from someone. I must say I don't mind that they've made every eating place smoke free, it gives me the chance to eat out at any place I choose now. Must say I do feel sorry for those who do smoke and would enjoy a cigarette after a meal though.

Congrats to your son for also quitting but for being instrumental in helping his mom quit too-- give the guy a hug.
I know you won't decide to start over, when you decide something you see it all the way.