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    Little Mama kitty had her babies. :( #11 post

    Those who have been following me on FB know that a tiny cat came to me several months ago and she was heavy w/milk. I couldn't find her kittens anywhere and never saw her again until just a couple of days ago. She's pregnant again. I saw her go into my shed on the back of my property but I never use that shed and it's filled w/junk. (a project for The Boy and me when he comes home next month). It's also quite filthy in there and she's been using it as a litter box as well. I have two nice shelters set up on my patio and yet she doesn't go in them. I guess it's b/c she must feel that they aren't safe enough from predators but there's a big hole in the back of the shed which is how she got in. So a raccoon could easily go in and kill her babies. I don't even know if she belongs to someone but if she does, shame on them for allowing her to get pregnant again. She's but a kitten herself, not much older than 9 months old, I would estimate.

    Does anyone know how soon after giving birth that I can have her spayed if I can hold onto her long enough, that is? I know she has to nurse her kittens but if I can't find them, I won't know how old they are and if they're weaned. I just don't want this poor girl to get pregnant yet again. If/when she comes back, I'll do my best to get a pic of her. She's very friendly, lets me hold her, etc. but she's also very skittish and wants to eat and run. She has been eating as though she hadn't had a meal in days and that's probably true but the last time she appeared she laid on her side and I thought for sure that she was in labor, which is why I went looking for her. I haven't seen her yet today and it's got me worried.

    Anyhow, wish me luck in getting her spayed. After adopting Gracie and Tiger Kitty, it just isn't in the budget to take on another cat.
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