Here I am sitting the Oshawa Shopping Center Friday morning waiting for Mom to come back from a ladies clothing store,I had been to Chapters book store to buy the John Grisham novel Calico Joe,behind me is the HMV store which sells Music CD's and Video Dvd's and the store in front which is not in the picture is called Boathouse which sells clothes and fashion accessories to younger adults including summer wear,a picture of the food court in the south end of the center and Mom who is the right of the picture at New York Fries getting Fries for lunch.Next to it is Yogen Fruz which sells yogurt to the right is Subway and the is a Taco Bell ,a KFC,a Teriyaki place and a place for Muffins and Thai food among the different places there.Starting in thee summer,the Center is undergoing a $230 million redevelopment which includes a new 1000 seat food court,another 75,000 square feet of retail space,60 new retail stores including 2 large format retailers and new main entrances on both sides and another 17,000 square feet of space to the south end.This will take 3 years and should bee finished in late 2016.