Got the Previcox today and Ethan's fever went from being 103.2 this morning to 101.7, so thats good. I worked today, and mom said that from 10am to the time I got home (5pm) he didn't move. I guess the previcox started kicking in because he was just able to stand up when I went over to say hi to him. With some coaxing I got him to eat and then carried him out to do his business. To sum it up, he is still eating and drinking and his fever is going down... so, Yay! He seems to do better when I am home, so its good that I have the next three days off.

I talked with my sister (who works for our vet), and she told me the doc's game plan. After this round of Previcox, if he isn't better and stays better, we are going to have to try steroids. There is no way to tell how he will react to the steroids until we try, basically it could help right away or it could be really hard on him. If he does have to go that route, he will have to either stay at the clinic or with my sister during the duration of the treatment. Of course, my sister and I both agree that he will be staying with her.

Right now there is a lot that is still up in the air. I'm just hoping for the best.

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Aww, sending you hugs. Is there anything you want me to ask the veterinarians on my radio show for you and Ethan? Love you, give him a kiss from us!
I know I'm too late for this week's radio show, but if I think of any specific questions I will PM you. Thanks.

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There are other pain relievers that he could take. Surely the Doc could try another or give him shots to speed relief. I'm suprised that your Vet doesn't have
other ideas to help Ethan. Have you guys thought about geting a 2nd opinion?
Ethan has had a few shots to help with fever and pain, and I guess we just stick to Previcox 'cause we know it works. This is a superb vet, and I trust him tremendously. If it comes to a point where I second guess him in the slightest, I definitely won't hesitate to seek a second opinion. It turns out our vet does have a plan, as I just mentioned above. Often I don't get all the information because my work schedule doesn't always allow me to be there for Ethan's visits to the vet and I rely on my sister to relay the message to me. Sometimes things get lost in translation.