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Thread: Help from a vet tech?

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    Help from a vet tech?

    Hello everyone!
    I'm a college student and one of my classes requires me to perform an informational interview on my future career, which is veterinary technician. If there are any vet techs on here, I would be very happy and grateful if you could answer a few questions for me! I think there are only 12 and most of them are short.

    Please post here if you wouldn't mind answering the questions!

    Thank you!

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    Just in case the questions might make someone weary, here they are:

    How long have you worked as a vet tech?

    What is a reasonable pay range for your job?

    What do you love most about your job?

    What do you like the least about your job

    What type of education is needed for this job?

    What does your typical day include?

    Do you have to participate in surgeries? What kind?

    How did you get this job?

    What is the easiest and hardest things about your job?

    What would you recommend someone to do to get experience in this field?

    Do you think volunteer experience helps?

    Do you have any advice for someone trying to get into this field?

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    Hi, Mackenzie - I'll PM a couple folks and make sure they see this!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Thank you very much!

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    Hi Mackenzie! I am an RVT. Would you prefer we PM you answers or reply with them in this thread?

    Thank you for the heads-up, Karen!


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    PM please and thank you so much!

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